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Skin & Hair Care with VANITY CASK

Hey guys,

Look who’s back!! 😎 Sorry for not keeping up with the blogs as I was on a break for a while.

So, What’s up? I’m hoping everyone is doing great. As we all know it’s rainy season and we cannot deny the fact that as much as we love rain, we hate it too for it’s consequences.

Specially for females out there, it’s so tough to take care of our skin & makeup all the time as rain & humidity kills it all.

So today’s blog is a review blog of two beauty boxes that I received from the brand called VANITY CASK. I have earlier done a review on their “Flawless Edition” box and today I’ll be reviewing their “Radiant In Rain” and “Monsoon Makeover” beauty box which is their brand’s fifth & sixth edition resp.

Vanity Cask is a beauty box that contains samples of luxury beauty brands handpicked by experts specially for Indian women. The experts keep in mind the skin tone and skin texture of Indian women and provide us with the best ayurvedic, organic and natural beauty products all over India.

This is how their boxes looks like :

Vanity Cask comes up with a new edition of their beauty box every month and the box is so affordable as compared to the products you get in your box that you just can’t control yourself from ordering one. Have a look at their website (click here) and I am pretty sure you will love it.

This is what I got in my Radiant in Rain & Monsoon Makeover boxes from Vanity Cask :

The box contained 5 ayurvedic products from well known beauty brands, 1 booklet from Vanity Cask explaining in detail about the products in the box and 3 different vouchers from various brands to pamper yourself more.

These are the five products I got in my Radiant in Rain box :

BBLUNT – Climate Control Anti Frizz Leave in Cream
If you get frizzy hair after shampoo or on a regular basis, this leave in cream is perfect for you. Just apply a small quantity from mid length to tips of your hair & brush off your hair and get silky frizz free hair entire day.

The Nature’s Co. – Barley Volumising Hair Cleanser : This product definitely shows results from the first wash itself. Shampoo your hair like you do normally & then apply this hair cleanser like a second shampoo and wash off your hair. After drying your hair, you will surely see voluminous hair.

MOROCCANOIL – Moroccanoil Treatment : Moroccan oil has multiple benefits. Just take few drops of oil and apply on the tips n mid length of your dry hair and let it dry naturally. Daily use of this oil helps you prevent split ends and leaves u with smooth hair.

GULNARE – Zesty lemon Face Exfoliator : This is one of the best exfoliator I came across. Just take half a spoon of this exfoliator and mix it with honey and apply it on ur face and scrub gently for 2 mins and wash off. Repeat thrice a week and get clearer and smoother skin.
VOTRE – Advance Gel Exfoliance : After applying the above exfoliator, apply this gel exfoliator for a soothing effect on your skin.

These are the 5 products that I received in my Monsoon Makeovers box from Vanity Cask :

GULNARE – Pumpkin Face Wash : It’s superb for ultra sensitive skin and provides deep cleansing & moisture balance on skin. Good for Normal to oily skin

VOTRE – Multi Vitamin Face Masque : This is a perfect monsoon face mask. It removes pigmentation marks & blemishes. Use twice a week and get a clear skin.

The Nature’s Co. – White Tea Night Cream : This night cream is perfect for anti ageing and it hydrated & replenishes your skin.

Glamisha – Sulphate Free Shampoo & Hair : The best about Glamisha products are they are sulphate free. But personally these shampoo & conditioner did not work for me. It might work for others as everyone has different hair texture & hair scalp. So you can give this a try once.

I hope you enjoyed the review of the products. I have personally tried them and they are 100% natural and good for all skin types. Make sure you follow them on Instagram – @vanitycask

Hope you guys had fun reading the blog as much as I had while writing it ❤

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Your One Stop Shop – “FLINTSTOP”

Hi everyone,

With advanced technologies come great gadgets. Earlier the features of the gadgets used to attract people but now not only its features but the innovative ideas of adding a quirkiness in the gadget is what making it unique. We often come around some mind blowing gadgets, daily use home products, that are obviously useful to us but the way they are designed and their uniqueness adds extra wow factor to the product.

Today’s blog is all about exploring and experiencing such lovely products from “FLINTSTOP” (Insta handle – @flintstop) which is a one stop shop for all your daily use products and gadgets at an unbelievable affordable price with a tinch of uniqueness in them. Its an online brand where you can find stationery products, kitchen appliances, USBs, corporate gifting items, for travellers, minion lovers, and even for alocoholic and who love going of bar, they have some really cool products you cannot miss out. Make sure you check out their website

Theses are the products from that I got my hands on from Flintstop 🙂

– Anti-Radiation Handphone (
– Bluetooth Shower Speaker (
– Mobile Fan (USB Fan) (

I have attached the links of the products so thats its easy for you to purchase them & have a look at it.


Picture credits – MOM ❤

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Summer Shopping ft. Qtrove ❤

Hi guys,

Summer is here! Welcome this hot season with some cool stuffs from ‘QTROVE’ a website ( ) which is your one stop shop for all what you need this summer. From fashion to food & beverages, home decor to household essentials, beauty products to bath & beyond, this website has something new for people of different ages, be it kids, women or men and not forget about your pets too. You ask for it and they have it.

Not to forget they have gift cards, vouchers and some crazy offer deals to attract you guys. Also I have a discount coupon for all my followers, use : BLOGPR15 and get 15% discount code for first time online paid orders above Rs 500, validity is till April 2017 End. So what are you waiting for? Go & do some summer shopping like I did 🙂

Here is all what I recieved from QTROVE :

-Baby Bucket Multipurpose Container
-Drunk & Drama Queen Shot Glasses
-Denim Sling Bag
-Homemade Assorted Chocolates
-A5 Notebook Summer Dance


Here are some of the pictures, hope you like it!

Picture credits – MOM ❤

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Healthy Snacking with ‘SNALTHY’

Hie guys,

For the very first time I have a food blog for you all. We all love food but there are times when we have to stop ourselves from eating some of our fav. yummy dishes just because it has a lot of calories or we fear of gaining some extra pounds because of that. Well what if I tell you that you can enjoy some really delicious snacks and still remain fit! Wait you dont believe me? Then I guess you have not heard about SNALTHY!!!

So basically, SNALTHY is a food brand that believes in ‘Snack Made Healthy’. The reason why I love it is because the snacks are made Healthy, Tasty and Nutritious with all natural ingredients and zero added chemicals. They have snacks of different types like Baked Chips, Cookies, Bars, Crakers, Rusks, Brownie Thins, Biscottis, Millet Poridge etc which can be taken with breakfast or any day as a mini meal. For more check out their website and make sure to follow them on all their social media

I lately received these two yummy snacks from SNALTHY – Spicy Mexican Chips nd Crisp Brownie Thins. The best part about these snacks are baking, roasting, toasting and seasoning are only adopted and no oil frying or re-use of oil. The chips are baked with no oil in them and the brownie thins are sweet yet healthy for my body. So for all the fitness freaks out there, dont worry about calories now and grab these amazing packs of healthy snacks right now!

These snack packets comes in limited calorie single serve pack which ensure freshness in every bite. They provide both sweet and spicy snacks also keeping in mind  about their buyers they have egg and eggless snacks both. Also they provide Free Home delivery anywhere in India so what are you waiting for? Go and grab yours as they have numerous varieties of flavours to chose from.


Also dont forget to check out their special hampers for X-mas and New Years Eve. I am sure you are going to love it.


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Korean SkinCare Products – Review ft. ‘Skin18’

Hie guys,

So this was the first time that I used Korean Skin Care Products from and I have to tell you I am truly in love with it. First misconception everyone must get that why Korean Skin Care Products when we already have Indian Skin Care Products! Well we all know that Korean Women have a super flawless skin that does not seem to age fast and have been gaining attention of ladies across the world. The Korean products like BB Cream and BB+ Creams have gain a lot of popularity and have been brought into India as well. The origin of many beauty products have been inspired from Korean products itself.

I lately received these five ah-mazing products from and I just can’t wait to give you reviews about. So here we go…!!!









So I received this Tuesday ‘Anti Wrinkle Mask’ from the set of LomiLomi 7 ksin scheduler mask pack which consists of 7 pieces of mask packs from Monday to Sunday. All 7 masks have different uses. My Tuesday pack has the following features :

  • Relieve weak eye area, near mouth and deep wrinkles and also lifting effects.
  • Excellent skin adhesion and absorption.
  • Blocks toxic substances to skin and makes it moisturized.

Luckily I don’t have wrinkles but after giving this product a try I could feel my skin looking healthy, moisturized, hydrated and glowy. The mask is super thin and gets soaked in your skin very well makes it look almost invisible. So you have to handle it with care while applying.






This is a cute anti aging mask pack made of horse oil. At first I was shocked that it had animal oil as I am a vegan but then after using it I totally loved it. The mask is quite thin and soaks your skin completely leaving it moisturized, healthy, whitened and brightened. It has the following amazing features :

  • Strengthens skin immunity system
  • Supplies nutritional supplement
  • Increases elasticity of skin, anti aging
  • Deep cleansing

Also the packing is in print animal’s pattern which adds much fun to the home facial process.






First of all this mask has a very soothing and amazing smell. The mask is a dense and compact cotton mask sheet that gets absorbed by skin so well and helps to hydrate your skin and provide nutrition to it. It is a combination of fresh herbs that helps in solving many skin related issues. It provides skin with luster and softness. It also helps in reducing redness on your skin.






This Nose Cleansing strip from Luke is perfect for a person who has black/white heads or any sort of dirt collected over their nose. It is an excellent absorbent and tightens the pores. It comes in variety of flavors like charcoal, mugwort and lemon tea tree. I received Lemon Tea Tree which is specially good for sensitive, oily and acne prone skin.

The main features of this product are :

  • Removes dirt and blackheads on nose and unclog the pores.
  • It contains ‘hamamelisvirginiana’ which helps in tightening of pores after cleansing
  • Acts as a pore cleanser
  • It uses ingredients like Vitamin E & Aloe Vera extract that helps in soothing skin & relieve from irritation after cleansing



This has by far been the most coolest product. It is a whitening serum which comes in the shape of a syringe and guess what this small little syringe is enough for you to use multiple times. Just one  drop each time!! Can you believe it? AH-mazing right?

This serum helps in whitening your skin from a dull/tan tone to a younger and brighter tone. It really works well for ance scars too (as for me).  For better results you can use it twice a day and I am so sure after a week you’ll see visible changes in your skin tone.


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Main Website:


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