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Healthy Snacking with ‘SNALTHY’

Hie guys,

For the very first time I have a food blog for you all. We all love food but there are times when we have to stop ourselves from eating some of our fav. yummy dishes just because it has a lot of calories or we fear of gaining some extra pounds because of that. Well what if I tell you that you can enjoy some really delicious snacks and still remain fit! Wait you dont believe me? Then I guess you have not heard about SNALTHY!!!

So basically, SNALTHY is a food brand that believes in ‘Snack Made Healthy’. The reason why I love it is because the snacks are made Healthy, Tasty and Nutritious with all natural ingredients and zero added chemicals. They have snacks of different types like Baked Chips, Cookies, Bars, Crakers, Rusks, Brownie Thins, Biscottis, Millet Poridge etc which can be taken with breakfast or any day as a mini meal. For more check out their website and make sure to follow them on all their social media

I lately received these two yummy snacks from SNALTHY – Spicy Mexican Chips nd Crisp Brownie Thins. The best part about these snacks are baking, roasting, toasting and seasoning are only adopted and no oil frying or re-use of oil. The chips are baked with no oil in them and the brownie thins are sweet yet healthy for my body. So for all the fitness freaks out there, dont worry about calories now and grab these amazing packs of healthy snacks right now!

These snack packets comes in limited calorie single serve pack which ensure freshness in every bite. They provide both sweet and spicy snacks also keeping in mind  about their buyers they have egg and eggless snacks both. Also they provide Free Home delivery anywhere in India so what are you waiting for? Go and grab yours as they have numerous varieties of flavours to chose from.


Also dont forget to check out their special hampers for X-mas and New Years Eve. I am sure you are going to love it.


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